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Raising Awareness Won't Fix Things-Raising Money Will

Raising awareness isn't enough, we are all affected when we see others suffer. By donating you'll be helping the Jimi Hendrix Foundation create a nationwide network of dedicated and concerned individuals and health experts to raise funds in support of those on the autism spectrum and other learning disabilities as well as PTSD and TBI. Your donations will be instrumental in changing lives. The Foundation strongly believes that music training helps overcome learning disabilities and effectively restore brain function.

Help Stabilize Lives

Your donation dollars will immediately help fund research and development and offset the cost of our initiatives and programs. Donations will buy goods, equipment and supplies to distribute for various levels of necessity. The Foundation is committed to develop and introduce music learning and therapy to benefit those in need to help stabilize their lives by:

  1. Supplying musical instruments to schools and individuals.                                                                 
  2. Support music clinics and lessons online and live venues.
  3. Hold fundraisers at local clubs and venues for specific community causes and awareness.
  4. Research and design musical instruments for special needs students.
  5. Fund music therapy visits to hospitals and health clinics.

Music Is Disappearing In School Curriculum

As research shows music education specifically has suffered from a lack of attention and resources in public schools. Cutting music programs have become commonplace partly due to tight budgets and a feeling that music and art should be electives.

Maintaining Instruments Is Costly

Well functioning musical instruments are just as important as properly fitted shoes or prescription eyeglasses. As instruments get old, used and abused, the cost of servicing instruments can get expensive, more than a school's budget and due to experienced technicians on the decline affecting the cost of repairs.


Cultivating Musical Minds

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