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Donate New and Used Instruments

Your tax-deductible donation of musical instruments and musical equipment will ensure the success of our "Music for Life" program. By donating new or used musical equipment you'll be making a difference in the lives of those who need music therapy and help families and teachers give to those who have a desire to learn but not the financial means to engage in programs designed to develop their inner musical talent. 

Donate Gear Working or Not

We accept broken or defective gear. The Jimi Hendrix Foundation will gladly accept your musical equipment working or not as long as it is repairable.  The Foundation will repair and restore used equipment with the help of volunteers, musicians and disabled vets.  Restored instruments can be auctioned off or given and distributed to students and schools in need.

Types of Instruments Accepted

Guitars: Electric and Acoustic, Basses, Amps, Drums and Percussion, Sound Reinforcement: Mixing Boards, Microphones, PA's, DJ Gear and Various Band Instruments: Wind and Stringed.



Request  Instruments and Equipment 

You may have students who have nothing of their own or have instruments in poor playing condition. Broken or semi-functioning instruments are useless and easily discourage students. Sharing instruments is a poor and disconcerting way to learn. This program is available to help the financially disadvantaged. if you are a teacher, student or organization in need of instruments, please make your request known by contacting us.

Well-Tuned Instruments are as Important as a New Pair of Shoes


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