Music Heals

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Expressive and Heartfelt

Music literally affects our heart rate and gets the blood pumping, generating excitement, even evoking tears and feelings of joy. It is proven that music helps jump-start the synapses of the brain. Electrical impulses reconnect and the cerebral hemispheres both right and left start communicating - stimulating the involuntary nervous system. The body becomes “Energized and Electrified.”

Controlled Frequencies Soothe Emotional Reactive Responses 

Music has been around since the beginning of time, the earth itself has a frequency resonance of 7.83 hertz, it's the "Sound of Life" heard in nature, the delicate ambient sounds of wind, water and rustling leaves - the beautiful melodies of a relaxing environment. By controlling frequencies we can "shape" the sound and tone that allows the brain and body to relax and repair itself.    

Music Really Does Heal

Music helps the brain to recover and improve motor control. Noticeably in the express enhancement of memory and feelings. Music promotes wellness and physical rehabilitation, pain and stress can be managed and alleviated. The neurotherapeutic quality of music greatly improves cognitive function and communication.

Not Everything is Equal

Some children are impacted by their environment and have difficulty focusing, resulting in learning and comprehension deficiencies. People with traumatic brain injuries suffer debilitating medical, sensory or physical conditions. Others may have been born with developmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD.

The Goal of the Jimi Hendrix Foundation

To effect change in the lives of kids and young adults, to teach and supply instruments to help develop and electrify their inner talent, to enable them to overcome daunting tasks and to discover their own “Star Power” bringing about the joy of accomplishment in their lives through the healing and soothing power of music

Celebrate Music and Life

Donate to the Jimi Hendrix Foundation - “Music for Life” program and unlock the healing power of music! Every contribution no matter how small or great makes a difference.





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