James Marshall Hendrix Foundation, LLC  
Established 1988 - Incorporated 2003 

The OFFICIAL Federally Registered 501(c)(3), LLC

Non-Profit Organization commissioned in 1988 by

Jimi Hendrix father, Al Hendrix.


On March 8, 1988 James "Al" Hendrix, father and sole heir to the estate of his late son Jimi Hendrix, created the "Commission" naming and identifying the "James (Jimi) Marshall Hendrix Foundation" as his only non-profit charitable organization. In his Commission, he provided the Foundation with the legal basis and protection to insure its perpetual rights to accomplish its purpose.

  The Foundation is a Federally Registered 501(c)(3), LLC. Under the stated purposes in "Al" Hendrix' Commission, all legitimate charitable use of "Jimi Hendrix" is conducted under the authority of the James (Jimi) Marshall Hendrix Foundation for the benefit of its operation, mission and programs, as supervised and granted by the Board of Directors, in accordance with its bylaws.

Our Vision

In honor of the love and generous spirit of Jimi Hendrix:

- improve the quality of life for all children and the world community
- encourage understanding, diversity and peaceful resolution to conflict
- inspire creativity in the arts and sciences to benefit humanity and our world
- lead by example, live by our principals, work with love and compassion

Our Mission

To facilitate our Vision; initiate, create, acquire capital, fund, and promote artistic, musical, educational and health programs under the supervision of, or licensing from, the Foundation. The Jimi Hendrix Foundation is committed to using its "star power" of Jimi Hendrix, together with its generous strategic partners, to establish initiatives, create programs, raise capital and provide direct and/or indirect funding of its own and other allied programs in art, music, community education and health in our community and the world.


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Partnerships & Fund Raising

We are interested in hearing from educators, musicians, schools, doctors, researchers and other individuals and organizations that would like to Partner with us in the deployment of our programs; while we also entertain new proposals. In the spirit of our future "Brighter Day Initiative Project"; we invite and encourage anyone interested in becoming part of our Fund Raising Team, that might like to co-produce an event, concert, product, program, art work, picture or sound media; to contact the Foundation by going to our contact tab, and submit your inquiry there. After a proposal submission per the inquiring party and it's subsequent review by the JMHF Board of Directors, by vote, our Partners and Fund Raising Team members are then and only then, empowered to use Jimi Hendrix and the JMH Foundation, in their branding, and promotion of their project or product, for a term of agreed upon contracted use.


Board Members & Management:


& Founder

James "Al" Hendrix

Board of Directors:


James E. Williams


Charles Hernandez

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Joe Rosignolo

COO (Chief Operations Officer)

Tom Hagan

CCSO (Chief Community Service Officer) / Director Of Stem Cell Research @ Arizona University

Dr. David T. Harris

Operations Manager

Gordon Shoji

Foundation Archivist

David Kramer


Celebrity Spokesperson

Sheldon Reynolds

Honorary Board Members:

Joe Hendrix
Cathleen Hendrix
Walter Harris

Clifford Gustafson

Pat O'Day

Ian Millar


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