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"Look up ahead, I see the love land, soon you'll understand"

Scott Swansen & Seattle Union Gospel Mission are good friends of the JMHF. The Seattle charity has just raised $900,000.00 for their social works.

"Third Stone From The Sun"

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The JMHF strives to make the vision Jimi Hendrix had a reality, by providing free youth music lessons, instruments, events, meals, mentor-ship and community.



Partner Programs


Learn more about our project for Jewish and Arab children. Peace isn’t just something to believe in, it’s something to work for, and we’re teaching children in the Middle East how to do it through music! In following the beliefs of Jimi Hendrix that ‘Peace through Music’ can be achieved, The Jimi Hendrix Foundation is asking that the ‘Music Community’ get behind the goals of Salaam Shalom in fostering peace in the Middle East through education.


Learn more about Dr. David T. Harris' stem cell research and how the Foundation is assisting his research.

Jimi Hendrix Foundation joins United Nations Refugee campaign. 

Meet Captain Strata! The online comic inspired by the Black Gold Tapes and brought to life by Foundation CEO Jimmy Williams and Leschi 55 Comics. First edition coming soon!



Hendrix and O’Day are forever linked in Seattle music history (KOMO News Radio Interview)

Meet the Foundations new corporate donors and the community programs we're building for the future.

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